The Best Fake Tanner For Brown Skin

There's nothing like having healthy, glowing, sun kissed skin without actually spending a lot of time in the sun. For the most part I stay a nice shade of brown all year long and I was pretty skeptical about trying tanning products because you know...... but then Vita Liberata Body Blur and Anti Aging Tanning Serum walked into my life, gave me a subtle glow that made me look like I just stepped off a plane from Fiji and I was hooked. And the fact that it's made with organic and natural ingredients was really the cherry on top. On the days when I use this product I like to start off by adding two drops of the serum to my daily moisturizer, which happens to be the Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl's right now. After I finish my face routine I apply the Body Blur to my legs, arms, and dΓ©colletΓ© with a foundation brush to avoid staining my fingers but don't worry it's super easy to wash off if this happens. After letting it absorb into my skin for a few moments my skin is slightly darker and with a super healthy glow that is flawless. If you're in front of the camera a lot like to me it's the perfect secret weapon.