Microblading: The Best Decision I Ever Made

By now you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the beauty trend that has taken over the internet, microblading the new semi-permanent technique that reconstructs brows with individual hair like strokes that last for over a year. Allowing you to officially kiss those pencils and powders goodbye. After a long life battle with bare brows myself I finally decided that I was over the everyday struggle of filling in my brows, so I made an appointment and let me tell you....I have zero regrets. To be honest it was a little scary since microblading lasts for such a long time, the thought of being committed to brows I may not even like was terrifying, but my brow guy Jonathan Paul of Perfect Frame Microblading made the process super easy and was certain that I was 100% percent satisfied with my brow shape before we even proceed. He spent over 45 minutes just drawing and perfecting the shape. The actual procedure itself is a little painful and you might see some blood, but if you've ever had a tattoo then you then you can handle this. The procedure takes about an hour because it's very meticulous. Jonathan and I would literally stop in between the strokes just to critique, it's amazing when your brow guy is just as much as a perfectionist as you are. Immediately after you eyebrows will look so good you could literally cry but enjoy this short lived high and take as many selfies as you can because the roller coaster healing process happens immediately and it shows no mercy for the first week. Expect super, I mean super dark brows and lots of peeling, i'm talking flakes falling off mid conversation (awkward I know). After the peeling is complete your brows may get super lighter but don't freak this is totally normal and the color will come back to it's true shade in a couple of weeks. Around about week 4 my healing was just about complete and I could see the true results, but like many things in life all good things take time and require a process and with microblading that process includes a touch up which means you have go through the entire process again (healing included) but the second appointment is absolutely necessary to bring the hair strokes to life, so at the end it's all it was all worth it and will I be doing it again, with a doubt! If you happen to have struggle brows like I did I recommend giving microblading a try it cost a few pretty pennies around $700 to be exact but it's so worth it.

To see more of Jonathan's work visit his perfectly curated Instagram @perfectframe.mb