Logo Mania

Logo Mania

How to rock the logo mania trend….

With luxury houses like Gucci and Dior bringing back branding in full force, I think this logo driven trend is here to stay..

Okay so now we know that the logo hype is real these day, let’s talk about how to do it right! This trend can easily tip the scale to the harsh side if it’s over done and then you’ll end up looking like a walking billboard….trust me it’s not a good look. With certain trends less is always more in my opinion, a nice subtle way to really own this trend is to pick one statement piece and build an everyday look around it. Here’s my take: Dior monogram is one of my favorites and I couldn’t resist when I stumbled upon this beauty from the early 2000’s. Too much of anything is never a good idea, so I let my skirt be the focal point of my outfit and kept it simple and classic by rocking a super femme white blouse with a few stand out accessories. What do you think of the logo mania trend? Give me the tea in the comments section.