Glossy Girl: My Current Glossier Faves

Glossy Girl: My Current Glossier Faves

Here's the tea....I'm obsessed with all things Glossier and I truly believe all girls (and boys if you're down) should own a few of their staple products. Here's my round up of my Glossier must haves. Plus you can get 10% off your first order with the link below :)

Milky Jelly Cleanser: My love for this product hasn’t changed since the last time I wrote about it. I truly believe this cleanser is a super well rounded product that works well with any skin type. It’s easy and contains the perfect blend of ingredients for even the most sensitive skin.

Haloscope: Highlighter can be tricky, too much and you look like an alien, but correctly done, a highlight on the face lifts, brightens, and improves the overall look of your skin and makeup. What I love about Haloscope is that it’s easy AF to use, a few swipes and finger pats and you’re dewy perfection.

Prime Rich Moisturizer( aka Crème de Glossier): If you can’t afford a super luxe face cream yet don’t worry- this is the next best thing. With it’s spa like lavender scent this the perfect addition to your night time routine to aid the relaxation vibes before bedtime. Key ingredients murumuru butter and red algae help keep your skin hydrated and looking amazing. What’s not to love?