#DennayaLoves Glossier

Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always, is definitely a mantra that I’m trying to live by and it also happens to be the byline for Glossier. Most of you might be familiar with their cool-girl images on Instagram but if not, I'm here to convince you that the latest permanent additions to my life are literally everything. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser:

My favorite out of the group is the Milky Jelly Cleanser ($18); this innovative lotion like formula allows you to use the product on wet or dry skin, which also makes it the perfect makeup remover. With a pH-balanced formula and ingredients like poloxamer (which is used in contact lenses so it's eyeball friendly), rose water, comfrey root extract (which helps prevent stress on the skin), hydrating aquaxyl, and pro vitamin b-5. This blend makes baby soft skin a guarantee. I normally use this cleanser in the morning after oil cleansing my face with coconut oil. Two pumps and a good lathering session you're good as new. 

Balm Dot Com:

Every girl needs a good balm in her life, and one that lasts for hours without evaporating into thin air leaving your lips high and dry. Introducing, Balm Dot Com ($12) loaded with skin-enhancing nutrients this multipurpose gem works wonders not only on your lips, but your knuckles, and cuticles as well. Anything that goes on your lips should be made with the finest ingredients always! Beeswax, rosemary seed extract, and castor seed oil teamed up to create a super hydrating holy grail product - that will keep your lips in tip top shape during the dry summer months.It’s also the perfect nighttime balm, apply before bedtime to keep your lips hydrated throughout the night.

Perfecting Skin Perfecting Tint:

I recently gave up using foundation everyday (saving it for special occasions only). And although I take immaculate care of my face there are still some things like going outside with an uneven skin tone that give me anxiety. For the most part I’m presenting my bare skin to the world but I still wanted a little something that could blur the small imperfections and add the cherry on top. So, let’s get into the Perfecting Skin Tint ($26) being a woman of color I was a bit scared of trying this product out the fear that the product wouldn’t match my skin tone. I ordered the tint in the hue Deep and I already convinced myself that I would probably be returning it because made me look like a ghost. But to my surprise it was perfect, it goes on smoothly and can even be applied with your fingers but I like to use a small oval makeup brush. And is best part is that I don't have to reapplied throughout the day. After I quick application my skin is glowing and looks pretty much flawless. 

It's amazing to have products in your arsenal that make your skin look and feel healthy, it's confidence magic, trust me!

So there you have it, Skin first. Make up second..Always! 


Photography: Dennaya Famous & Rafael Beckor