#DennayaLoves Florapy

One of the major keys to healthy skin is hydration, for the most part we all think that dousing lukewarm water on our face equals hydration sadly, it doesn’t. Here’s the thing, skin is a fascinatingly complicated system and a lot of what we’ve been conditioned to believe simply isn’t true. Although, water works wonders for our body as a whole our face in particular is often shown no love. So even if you’re drinking the 8 suggested glasses a day most likely all of that is going to your other organs, this is where we improvise! As you know I’m really into sheet masks and I’m always looking for new brands to try. So, let’s get to the good part Florapy Beauty my latest skin care obsession. Although, there are many sheet masks on the market these babes stand out in the crowd. Made with 100% coconut fibre and soaked in healing flowers and essential oils to sooth not only your face, but also your mind and body. Unlike the typical cloth-like sheet masks most of us are use to, these babes are more of a soft gel-like texture that hold up to 20x their weight in water (hello hydration!). I’ve tried all 8 masks from the collection (the even skin tone mask is my favorite) and each put me in a zen like vibe. So, with the dry summer months on their way it’s time to add products to your regime that will keep your face flawless all summer long.


Photography: Rafel Beckor