Mask Life: 5 Spring Must Haves That Will Save Your Skin

What do you do after a long dry winter? Sheet mask like crazy! Here's my top 5 sheet masks that will have you selfie ready in no time.


Hydration level 100! This mask is packed with a powerful serum that promises to brighten and leave your skin extra glowy and it does just that! 





Egg Cream Mask $24.00

A nice cold mask on your face at the end of a long day is the best. Pop this gem in the fridge for about 30 mins before using it and your skin will look like new!


Smoother skin

107 Snow Mask $28.00

If you suffer from dry skin this one is for you, put this mask on for about 20 mins and your face will feel magical. I recommend buying this mask as a set and using them once a week to combat that dry skin. 



Improves skintone 

Kaurna Hydrating Face Masks $28.00

This foil mask, yes like real foil works hand in hand with your skin to lock in moisture. It also looks super cool and smells amazing!



Me Factory White Flower Mask $15.00

If you're down to splurge then Verso is for you. This pro collagen masks works improve your skins elasticity, resulting in a more youthful appearance (over time of course).


Improves elasticity 

Minimizes fine lines 

Stimulates collagen

Verso Intense Facial Mask $75.00