Prints On Prints

People always ask me how I'm able to pull off my print mixes, well to be honest confidence has a lot to do with it. In order to pull off mix-match pieces you have to be able to own the look, that's key! Pairing two items together that you would rock confidently individually is another secret. For example, I love these snakeskin boots I wear them all the time and they make everything look great. I also love crop tops as well if you haven't noticed already. So, now that you have your core pieces you want to build the rest of your look. When mixing prints I like to break them up so it's easier on the eyes, for example one print at the top the second at the bottom and when I say bottom I mean the shoes. Since the the look can be heavy you want to add some basics in there to tone things down a bit, I did this by wearing black high waist denim pants from Zara. The pants are really the focal point of the look and the prints give it the extra pop. I also opt'd for minimal accessories for this look because one piece too many can be a disaster. The belt, sunnies, and my everyday rings were more than enough.