How To Kill A Photoshoot With Your iPhone

How To Kill A Photoshoot With Your iPhone

In today's world you don't need a professional camera to create great content, all you really need is your phone, creativity and a good set of editing skills. I get so many questions regarding my photos, so I decided to compile a few of my favorites tips and tricks into a post. Along with a shoot I did in 5 mins, in slight rain, and with my iPhone.

1. Photographer  

When shooting for my blog I'm fortunate to have a team of photographers on hand to shoot with (a luxury I know). Today everyone is into taking and posting pics so team up with a friend or fellow blogger and go out for a day of shooting. And always try to shoot multiple looks so you'll have your content stacked up. 

2. Lighting

Overcast and good natural light days are the only times I'll shoot with the iPhone because the photos aren't too warm and there's no heavy shadows on your face. You want to try and avoid direct sunlight as much as you can, but if you have no choice most of the time you can save the photos with a good edit. 

3. Burst

 I'm not the best when it comes to "traditional" poses so in order to get a great shot I have to move a lot in photos. And although the lens on the iPhone doesn't move as fast as a professional camera I'm still able to get a plethora of good shots using the burst feature.

4. Edits

For the most part I always edit my own photos so I've become very proficient in Photoshop and my favorite app VSCO. I love vibrant and sharp photos so I normally play around with the photo in VSCO by adding a subtle filter, adjusting the exposure and saturation ..then i'll finalize my edits on my desktop with Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop on your computer, no problem they  have an app for the iPhone that mirrors the desktop version.