Glow Girl: DennayaLoves Pixi by Petra

Glow Girl: DennayaLoves Pixi by Petra

Tis the season to keep that summer glow going strong all winter long and I got my hands on two products that can help! Some of you may already be familiar with Pixi if you've ever roamed the beauty aisle in Target and spotted their standout mint green and gold packaging. So, let's get to it!

Meet my new bae... Glowtion Day Dew the second I put this stuff on my face, I fell in love. I'm currently using it after I apply my SPF moisturizer for a healthy, smooth and non greasy glow.  The smell is divine and minus the fact that if apply this product with my hands I'll have sparkly mica specs all over my palms I have no complaints. The ingredients are on point and it's looks amazing under your makeup so what's not to love??!

I've been using Prep + Prime Fix+ by MAC  to set my makeup but my bottle is almost empty, so I figured it's the perfect time to try something new (aka cheat, but whatever lol). Meet Glow Mist, infused with gems like natural oils, aloe vera and fruit extracts to create the perfect concoction that can be used before makeup to help hydrate, nourish and glow up; or after to protect and set your makeup. 

These two babes have earned their spot on my beauty shelf and I will be using them all winter long. 

So there you have it, now get to glowing!