The Product That Brought My Skin To Life

If you follow my IG stories then you'll know for the past few weeks that I've been showing off this green jar that's nothing short of a miracle, hence the name Miracle Pads. Although, for the most part my skin isn't too problematic I do suffer from some slight hyper pigmentation that's made me self-conscious and I've been searching for the right product to help even me out. Now that you know my life story let's get into the product. The Miracle Pads by Cane + Austin are basically a professional grade glycolic peel in a jar and if you're not too familiar wit the term glycolic peel here's the tea. Gylcolic peels are chemical peel that feature acid derived from sugar cane and fruit acid.

This natural peel works to remove the top layer of skin, prompting the production of collagen and elastin and it's also not bad for fine lines and wrinkles either. I eased my way into this product by working it into my night routine and once I was sure my skin could handle it became a morning staple as well. Within about two weeks or so I noticed a huge change in my skin and those dark spots that made me cringe were no longer there. I even gave up my everyday use of concealer and foundation, saving it for special occasions only because I'm that happy with the results. Another reason I'm obsessed with the pads is because they've also been sooooo clutch in helping my oily skin battle, although I'm not completely healed yet I'm not as greasy as I used to be and I'm beyond thankful for that.