The Four Step Skincare Routine Spa Owner Kate Hancock Swears By

Photo: Kristine Lo

I'm all about pampering myself and one of my favorite treats to myself is a spa day. It's my favorite place to unwind, detox and just focus on only myself even if it's for a few hours. Recently  I took at trip to the OC to pay Kate Hancock and her amazing staff at the OC Facial Care Center a visit for a luxurious treatment featuring high-grade, exclusive skin-refining products. Not only did I receive my most amazing facial ever but Kate was kind enough to let me pick her brain and she even dropped a few skincare gems. Check the deets below  

DF: Your spa is amazing. What were the steps you took in starting OC Facial Care?

KH: I started in a small treatment room 4 years ago and expand as we grow.

DF: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs? 

 KH: Be prepared to be broke and lonely in the first 2 years. Don’t be conservative on your marketing budget.

DF:  What's your morning beauty routine?

 KH: I cleanse ,scrub,moisturize and sunscreen on a daily basis

DF: Tell me about your skin. What products do you use to the last drop?

KH: I do love the IS clinical intensive cream and Skinceuticals Phloretin CF

DF: What skincare advice would you give to those in their 20's and 30's?

KH: Start a good medical grade skin regimen (cleanse,scrub,moisturize and protect with a good sunscreen)

DF: Who's you beauty icon?

KH: Coco Chanel

DF: What are your handbag beauty essentials 

KH: Onyx Eyeliner,Mascara, Zo Skinhealth Sunscreen and Chanel Foundation

DF: What beauty products can't you live without?

KH: Eyeliner and Mascara :)

DF: What's your signature scent?

KH: I love the Jo Malone Collection. I am obsessed with their oils and perfume. Blackberry and Bay is my fav ,Peony Oils + their Vitamin E scrub smells so yummy.