Pearl Jeans

I've been sitting on this bomber jacket from Zara for about a month now waiting for the right inspiration for an outfit to come to me. Last week out of no where pearl jeans popped into my head. So, I headed to the nearest craft store grabbed a pack of assorted faux pearls , fabric glue and went to work with a pair of Levi 501's. The entire project took about 45 minutes of my time + an overnight drying session. To complete my look I added tortoise shell sunnies, gem earrings, and Mac Russian Red for luxe.  Check my tips for the perfect pair of pearl jeans below :)


DIY Peal Jeans

Materials Needed:


Gloves (the glue can get messy)

Fabric glue

Paper plate

Faux Pearls

1 Pants hanger


1. Lay your jeans on a flat surface preferably on the floor with a drop cloth underneath.

2. Now, you're ready for work! For me is was easier to squeeze a large amount of fabric glue on to a paper plate, use tweezers to dip the pearls into the glue and place them on the jeans. I didn't follow any specific pattern when placing the pearls, the key here is to make sure they look even on each side.

3. After you're done placing your pearls put your jeans on a pants hanger and let them dry overnight and that's pretty much it! 

I wore my jeans the next day and the pearls stayed intact all day which is always a good sign :) And as for care these beauties are not washing machine safe so please dry clean only.