Palermo Body: The Natural Brand You Need To Try

Palermo Body: The Natural Brand You Need To Try

The natural skincare game is on the rise and while there are plenty of good choices that do so much good for your face and the earth one of my new faves is NYC based apothecary brand Palermo Body owned and operated by Jessica Morelli. Jessica has created a natural line of products that are as beautifully packaged, as they are effective. The carefully curated line of handmade body and face products range from divine scrubs to intricately blended oils (the Repairing Body Oil is amazing, btw).  As I’ve gone deeper and deeper into my skincare journey I’ve learned that the amount of time I spend working products into my skin is some of the most intimate time I spend with myself and with so many options on the market it’s refreshing to have a brand who’s focused on educating, empowering and inspiring it’s community. Jessica has taken her passion and used it to enrich the lives and confidence of others. These are the kinds of brands I love to support and that I want to see win.

Checkout my Palermo faves below:


Repairing Oil Bergamot + Lavender ($36)


Rose Geranium + Mandarin Soap ($12)


Aromatherapy Oil Set ($84)