Loving Lately

Loving Lately

1. Slip dresses with sneakers

This has been my go to look for running errands or working. I normally like to pair my dresses with a vintage t-shirt, a cool jacket and choker for simple yet edgy look. 

Dress: Pretty Little Things

Shoes: Windsor Smith

2. Kitten heels

Kitten heels receive a lot of flack, but if done correctly they can be golden. I love pairing them with anything high waisted and a crop top. 

Shoes: Zara

T-shirt: Vintage

Pants: Missguided

3. Adidas Track Pants

I've been buying these pants like crazy, they're so versatile and you can literally wear them with anything. 

Pants: Adidas

Boot: Pretty Little Things

Jacket: Missguided

4. Bell Sleeves 

Who doesn't love some good sleeve action?

Dress (worn as a top): Missguided